Ceylon Black Garlic

About us

Ceylon Black Garlic is a family owned business initiated to bring Black Garlic Peeled Cloves available for the first time in Sri Lanka. Black Garlic and its numerous health benefits are known for centuries. Although it’s popular all over Asia as a fine food ingredient for the rich flavor it brings to both sweet and savory culinary dishes, it is still something new to our island.  With a lot of patience, time and care, we have made this 100 percent natural, flavor packed superfood available locally.

High quality raw garlic is fermented in controlled heat and humid conditions for several weeks until the cloves turn black and the peel turns brown.

This carefully monitored process, not only changes the color, but also changes the taste, texture and flavor. The result is this chewy, sweet and deliciously rich, pure unadulterated black garlic, which can be used in cooking or even as a tasty healthy snack.

Black Garlic has double the nutrition as compared to raw garlic and doesn’t leave you with a punchy after smell.